solar 4


solar 4


What I Did:

  • researched environmental and economic benefits of solar panels, attempted solutions to rigid homeowner association solar guidelines, California solar panel laws, successful methods to encourage solar panel installation

  • gathered data about reluctance to install solar panels in my city
  • designed poster to showcase problem

Our world is descending into chaos thanks to climate change. Temperatures are rising. Ecosystems are crumbling. People are suffering. 

Despite this, members of my local communities have yet to adopt the environmentally friendly energy sources that can fight climate change. I wanted to change that.

I started Solar4SCV to encourage members of my community to install solar panels since I live in sunny Southern California. Despite the economic and environmental benefits of solar panels, very few in my community adopted them.

2/124 houses in my community have solar panels

To research the problem, I went door-to-door asking people if they had solar panels, and if not asking why they don’t. I also researched how other communities solved the problem

After going door-to-door, I discovered that the two leading reasons homeowners in Santa Clarita don’t install solar panels are cost and fear of regulations. However, the average solar panels pays itself off in 6 years, making it cost-effective, and California law fiercely protects solar rights, making regulations not an issue. The problem was misinformation

Next, I looked into how other communities battled the homeowners’ hesitance to install solar panels. Some ideas that proved effective were convincing homeowners associations to install solar panels for every home, going door-to-door convincing people of the benefits of solar panels, and lawsuits against homeowner’s associations that try preventing solar panel installation.

I created a poster to showcase my research (pictured to the right).

From here, I plan to use my research to ideate and implement a solution to educate my city about the benefits of solar panels.

Next steps:

  • Create infographic to display benefits of solar panels

  • Go door-to-door handing out infographic to battle misinformation

  • Get signatures in neighborhood to support an HOA solar panel requirement

  • Contact local HOAs to convince them to require solar panels using petition & infographic